Great-joy Ndlovu

Great-joy Ndlovu

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Great-joy Ndlovu

Bulawayo-born artist, Great-joy Ndlovu, who does the dripping technique, is working with top painters like Benon Litaaya from Uganda and Nelson Makamo of South Africa at the August House Studios.

Through his fascinating and exceptional talent, Ndlovu has won the hearts of many visual arts enthusiasts, as his artworks evolve around emotions and expressions.

The visual artist, who mainly uses abstract realism and gets inspiration from socio-economic influences, had exported his artworks and some of them have been collected by international collectors.

Ndlovu is currently working on a series of artworks called Thinking Man and His Problems.

“Art is tough and needs one to be optimistic for a breakthrough. The world of art needs a lot of patience and passion to come up with something that relates to the surroundings,” he said.

Ndlovu says he will soon be holding art programmes in Bulawayo aimed at helping students, who have a passion in art, to take it seriously as a profession.

“This year, I will be organising an outreach programme in Bulawayo, as I need to help motivate and captivate students, who have a passion in art to take it seriously as a career,” he said.

“In Bulawayo, we need murals, movements and live drawing, paintings, smaller galleries that can even expand talents of children and expose them to the real world of art.”