Sharon Kuisis

Sharon Kuisis

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Sharon Kuisis

I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. I was encouraged by family and friends and although I started out doing portraiture I have always been a great lover of wildlife and I use my other great love, photography, to capture images I paint.

After working in pastels for over 10 years, I decided try different techniques with oils. After learning the basics and many hours of experimenting I managed to capture the soft pastel effect in oils. I love the dustiness of the African plains and this is where I got the inspiration for the technique.

Photography and Painting are my 2 great passions, and I have recently taken them up full time. I spend time in the bush taking photos, then I work from my studio at home either developing them into fine art photography or using them to create an original artwork. I work in oils, charcoal and pencil.