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African Art Consultants (AAC) is an Art consulting group based in Johannesburg, South Africa, handling work for clients all over South Africa and abroad.

Curating, advising, assisting and consulting, AAC provides a discreet and professional service to collectors, both private and corporate, helping them to start, maintain and build their collections and decorate their spaces beautifully. AAC’s expertise extends to both contemporary and historical South African art, international works, and African art that encompasses many different media. These include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, original graphics, prints and other works on paper, as well as the work of indigenous artists crafting media such as wood, steel sculptures and wire. Glasswork too is developing a huge popularity.

Advice is given on trends, investment opportunities and on the merit and value of works of art. Clients are guided to make a purchase which offers artistic merit whilst respecting their personal taste and budget.

AAC represents established artists at all levels, in all forms and in all media.

AAC offers options to buy, rent or a combination of the two.

AAC is extensively networked and sources art pieces directly from artists, whether established or otherwise, from galleries and dealers both locally and abroad.

AAC identifies, nurtures and represents emerging artists that have the potential to develop their skills and increase the value of their work thereby elevating their standing in the art collectors’ community and developing them economically.

AAC offers paintings (in all mediums), prints, sculptures, mosaic items and installations and commissioned work in all formats.

AAC offers advisory and curatorship services, with access to an extensive network of experts. They will meet your needs and aspirations in terms of budget, variety, risk profile and investment expectations in creating an art collection to be proud of. The curating of such collections is specialized and sensitive, requiring a suitable mix of established works, investment pieces, decorative paintings and art-pieces from new (or deserving) artists.

AAC meets (and exceeds) the needs of small and medium sized businesses, private collectors, interior decorators and designers, property developers and landlords, real estate agents and movie directors.

AAC will arrange delivery and installation of your artworks as well as insurance as required.

AAC is founded on the principle that maintaining satisfied customers is essential to business success and longevity.


By investing in great works of African art, one

  • Supports local art with enormous investment potential while enjoying the visual beauty of fine paintings and sculptures that enhance as well as compliment any environment, from the boardroom to one’s home.


  • Builds a collection of investible works that provides security against inflation and hedges against currency devaluation. A large legal firm in Sandton recently stated that their collection, acquired gradually over a ten-year period, was now worth TEN TIMES the capital outlaid.

Some Interesting Facts

AAC will meet, inspect, recommend, discuss options, availability, budgets, source the pieces, deliver, hang, insure. It’s a holistic service, based on a purchase, a rental or a combination deal! We’ll hold your hand for the entire process and develop a long and fulfilling relationship building an appreciating collection and developing artists’ careers.

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