About us

About us




AAC is founded on the holistic principle that maintaining satisfied suppliers, associates and customers is essential to business success and longevity.

AAC represents established artists at all levels as well as sourcing, nurturing and representing emerging artists that have the potential to develop their skills and increase the value of their work, thereby elevating their standing in the art collector’s community.

AAC specializes in providing artwork and creating collections for interior designers, decorators and corporations. We work in any environment, offering extensive experience, strong operational ties and attention to detail. We have an extensive network of artists, both established and up-and-coming. We are therefore in a unique position to provide for the needs of any client or project, whether by commissioning, sourcing or inspiring.

AAC more also offers a Rental Option allowing users to rent pieces with an option to buy should they wish. Services offering delivery, hanging, framing and insurance are all comprehensively dealt with.


Business Philosophy –

As a business entity, we place much emphasis on good ethics in terms of all our business relations with our customers and stakeholders. We firmly believe that our today engagements have influence over our transactions tomorrow. Hence, we seek to add value to all our daily interactions, ensuring that effort today yields results tomorrow.


Vision –

To offer and curate magnificent collections to investors and aficionados while championing the cause of true artists who are committed to their craft by offering them a platform to promote their art to the local as well as international discerning art collector’s markets.


Purpose –

To enable our clients to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction with their art acquisitions and by doing so, ensuring that our clients are purchasing investment pieces that are of the highest standard locally and internationally.


Mission –

African Art Consultants is a client-oriented entity that aims to provide and connect clients to the very best art works at affordable prices in a market that has become prone to high pricing and poor service delivery.


Our Mission will be realized by:


  • Placing high regard to all our client’s concerns i.e. affordable pricing, excellent service and quality of investment art work.
  • Redefining the market by offering investment art works that set the bench-mark both locally and internationally.
  • Innovating and stimulating the marketplace by offering rental and co-ownership options.
  • Continuously sourcing new styles and artists and focusing on service delivery.
  • Engaging knowledgeable and passionate staff.