Art Rental

Art Rental

Art Rental

Do you need art - paintings, sculptures, ornaments for your office, your home, commercial space or for a special occasion?

Rent it!



AAC rents high-quality pieces – originals, prints, sculptures and innovative installations, all on a monthly rental basis.

Renting out works of art from famous names such as William Kentridge to offices, from top law firms to start-ups. Rental can be anything from double figures to four figures per month depending on the work or works requested and the length of contract agreed.

AAC feels strongly that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of high quality art pieces, regardless of their budget.

Customers can buy these pieces, or swap them out for free every year for a new piece. Clients may choose at some point to acquire the piece during or after the rental contract. The longer a client rents, the more discounts are unlocked on the piece.

Renting pieces of our original, unique artwork will cost you only a small fraction of the actual cost of the purchase price charged by a gallery.



Rentals through AAC allow people who are not necessarily comfortable with the art world to get their toes wet, so to speak. Rentals offer a low risk opportunity for people (especially young people) to get involved in the art world. At some point they may become comfortable enough to begin collecting and owning pieces.

Cost savings is one of the more obvious benefits of renting. People who can’t afford to buy, or who are too timid to commit to an original piece, can rent artwork at prices that they can afford. Perhaps later in their life when they are capable of investing in and owning a piece, they will be more likely to buy from the artists who they have discovered through renting.

On the flip side, experienced collectors, can also benefit from the concept of art rental. Although they may already have quite an impressive art collection of their own, as seasoned collectors, they can now use art renting programs to explore new artists or artwork that may differ from their usual style.



For businesses there is a definite cashflow benefit. Often, they won’t have any art or they have art that has been sitting on their walls for decades because they don’t want to buy all new artwork upfront for an outrageous price. With art rentals, businesses that would never consider even having art are willing to start filling their walls! Does your business exterior and interior reflect that you have put time and thought into their design and maintenance?

Studies show that clients and customers are actually quite affected by the attractiveness of the office/building of businesses they frequent. It is important for medical facilities to provide their patients with a serene, calming atmosphere while they wait to be seen. This is also especially true of many other professions whose clients may be somewhat stressed or tense about their appointment. This may include attorneys and financial advisers. Non-medical businesses can improve the word of mouth around town about their company by making sure the interior design of the business location is welcoming, interesting, and overall likeable.

In addition, renting is environmentally friendly. Some industries, like hotels, go through remodels every 5-7 years or so, and will often have to discard all the art that previously filled their spaces. With art rentals, businesses who have this problem can invest in higher-quality artwork instead of cheaper prints that they know will get thrown away. The art rentals that we offer at AAC opens doors to artists’ work that normally would not be an option for these businesses to use. Instead of the art finding itself in a dustbin somewhere, it can be passed along to another home or business that wants to rent it!

Renting artwork to display at your place of business is a great idea for those entrepreneurs who are strapped for time. If you simply do not have enough hours in a day to physically shop for office décor, you’ll find that renting artwork saves you time that you can then put back into important, money-making areas of your company.




  • Additionally, the art rental concept works extremely well for real estate agents who need to show an empty or new home that is listed for sale. The ability to decorate the walls with several stunning works of art can make all the difference in the appeal of any home, potentially making for quicker turn-around times.


  • Other professionals who will benefit from AAC’s art rental program include interior designers, because they must present an impeccable, sophisticated office space in order to wow their potential clients. By frequently rotating office décor, they can continue to impress repeat customers. Additionally, event organisers, theater, television and movie set designers can rent artwork for the duration of a show or movie – simply returning the rental when it is no longer needed. This can significantly cut down on expenses when compared to paying the full purchase price for art.


Art rental pricing is based on the curatorial evaluation of the piece. The current rental pricing is summarized below.

5% of the value of the piece is charged per month.

Contracts run on an annual basis. Shorter rentals are also available on enquiry.

Should a client decide to purchase the piece within the first three months of the contract, the full amount of rent paid shall be credited to the price. At any point after that, 50% of total rent paid shall be credited, limited to 100% of the price of the piece.

The value of any piece shall be increased annually by 10% even if the market value is higher, hence the opportunity to affordably acquire works of up-and-coming (and established) artists that may escalate way above that level.



  • All rentals have a one-year minimum.
  • Minimum contract amounts are applicable. Typically R20 000 excl VAT.
  • Delivery and installation: Renter pays for delivery and installation
  • Insurance: Renter pays for insurance. Rate TBD
  • Renter may swap their artwork once per year after the first three months.
  • Adjustments to the monthly fee may occur but it may not decrease during the contract.