Our Services

Our Services




Prices are competitive and every endeavour is made to create an appropriate collection suited to the client’s needs spatially, budgetarily, culturally and with investment suitability.



An easy and affordable entre into an art collecting and display, whether for reasons of affordability, uncertainty, flexibility or strategy. The option exists to convert rentals to purchases at any point in the contract. This can be done gradually or all together. Combined options are common.



A large part of the business involves commissioning of portraits, impressionist (or realist) paintings of industrial installations, bespoke fabricated and cast sculptures and mosaic décor designs. All evoke unique and special feelings for the initiator of the piece or collection.



Novice clients and experienced collectors alike benefit from the extensive experience, knowledge and passion on offer from staff and a vast network of associates.



Long term relationships are built, collections are curated, assessed, grown, swopped, sold, bought and admired.



Professional framing services, safe delivery, hanging and installing are an important part of the offering. Specialised insurance is recommended and obligatory for rental items.

Murals and Mosaics

No project is too big or too small and ALL media are offered. We have access to artists able to meet your needs on a personal or corporate level.

Renowned Artists

We carry a large stock of paintings which range from established to emerging artists. We are further able to source paintings that may appeal to any particular client’s tastes.

The proposal of artwork for specific projects

We work with numerous talented contemporary artists, some of which have won local awards and showcased their work abroad. We view the premises with the client/interior designer and propose a range of pieces suited to the agreed budget for a space or the entire building.

Commissions and Portraits

AAC regularly commissions works, both paintings and sculptures that suit the commercial or personal aspirations of our clients.

We collaborate with numerous artists that create works for specific spaces or specific occasions. Commissions can be for several paintings or one work and sizes are at the discretion of the client.